Do you know how to negotiate the expenses of your mortgage in Spain?


Do you need to negotiate the initial expenses of your mortgage?

Well, in effect, you can negotiate initial expenses derived from the first steps in a mortgage. The Supreme Court in 2015 considered the clauses that impute this type of expenses to the client abusive. Why? After all, the bank was the only beneficiary of the payment without assuming its administrative costs.

Negotiate mortgage contracts

What expenses derive from the formalization of a mortgage?

The costs of formalizing a mortgage are the costs charged to the final client originated from the payment of agency, appraisal, notary and taxes that you pay when you sign the mortgage. Put another way, they are bills that are usually added to your mortgage.

Could you negotiate mortgage expenses for a canceled mortgage?

A resounding yes. Any individual who has had or has a mortgage loan can request the return of the expenses that derive from the signature and deposit of the mortgage contract.

What kind of expenses can be negotiated?

If you want to save a good sum of money, register these expenses and check if they are included in the mortgage bills. In a mortgage of € 150,000, the costs could amount to € 3,000. Mortgage expenses may vary depending on the bank or the Autonomous Community.

According to the digital portal El Confidencial , the costs to negotiate would be the following:

  • Notary fees . To register, you must sign the deed of the mortgage and the house before a notary.
  • Administrative expenses , as long as it is imposed by the entity.
  • The Tax on Documented Legal Acts (AJD).
  • Mortgage expenses derived from the Land Registry , where the mortgage contract is registered with the entity and an invoice for the service is provided.
  • Costs of home appraisal .

Do you think you could have abusive clauses on your mortgage with the bank?

Do you think you could have abusive clauses on your mortgage with the bank?

Contact banking law professionals and specialized professional lawyers to recover this money and accelerate all claims procedures. There is also the extrajudicial route. In this way, you can negotiate initial expenses, debts or this type of abusive clauses directly with the entity. We suggest doing it through a lawyer or in a particular way.

What happens if I do not have a positive response out of court?

You can then go to the Bank of Spain . In case of not receiving a response according to our interests as consumers and clients, collective demands can be filed. As seen in the class action lawsuits against Santander, CaixaBank, Bankia and Banco Sabadell, they are a good judicial tool .

Negotiating initial mortgage expenses is a right that anyone has. If you have a mortgage in which these types of clauses have been included, inform yourself. Recover the money that belongs to you.



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